2017 Federation Priorities

Below are the final 2017 Federation Priorities.  The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors approved the 2017 Policies at their board meeting yesterday, and there was no change in the content of the policies and priority issues.  I revised the attached priorities slightly based on our meeting in St. Cloud last week.   I added the consideration of tab fees to the transportation paragraph and simplified the health care paragraph (if that’s possible!)  As always, our staff is willing to meet with your board or government affairs committee in the coming weeks regarding this agenda.  We hope that your board will be able to sign off on these priorities by the end of January.  We encourage all Grow Minnesota! partners to be a Federation member!

2017 Federation Form

2017 Federation Priorities List


That said, Session Priorities is January 4.  We will plan to use the Federation list from 2016 with any new additions unless you do not want your name included at that event.  Let me know if you have any concerns.


Additionally, this year, we are adding private conference calls during session for Federation partners only.  We will still offer 4 webcasts and an end of session webinar that are free and open to all members, including our chamber partners (Webcasts – Jan 20, Mar 3, April 7, May 12. End of Session Webinar – May 25.).  The calls will be limited to our Federation partners.  I will send out a reminder after the first of the year, but the dates for the calls are as follows if you want to add them to your calendar, 8:00 – 8:30 a.m. (Feb 3, Feb 24, Mar 24, April 21, May 5, May 19.)


Also, based on your input at the Federation meeting in St. Cloud, we are re-vamping Business Day at the Capitol on March 8, and working on an “a la carte” approach to allow you and your members the flexibility to take advantage of the type of programming that works best for you, whether it’s the luncheon, issue briefings, appointments and/or a reception.  Stay tuned!

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